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About 52MiniApp...

We are a group of computer engineers who are passionate about puzzles.

We are dedicated to solving complex problems using the simplest techniques, because if a problem is complex, it is not necessary to complicate it further.

less is more.

Our motto

We are aware of the importance of your product and the impact it can have on your daily activity

52MiniApp offers...

We are offering services focused on: analysis of the problem, design of the solution, implementation of the development and implementation, monitoring of the evolution of the tool, maintenance of the systems involved, extension and improvement of the system, publication and advertising of the tool.

~ software development ~

We do a previous study to be able to offer an initial orientation vision. Then, We make an in-depth study of all the points and problems raised. Once We have seen each and every one of them, We begin to develop an action plan to offer a tailored solution in a simple and efficient way.

~ software development ~

We make some sketches to be able to raise an initial idea and be able to confirm that, both the appearance and the distribution of the raised elements correspond to what is desired, they are simple and easy to understand. Once these sketches have been validated, We elaborate a detailed design so that the final result is as faithful to the proposed design.

~ software development ~

We make an encoding of all the elements raised in the analysis phase. Then, we make an encoding of the visual elements raised in the design. And finally, we join the logical part of the analysis into each of the elements detected in the design part.

~ follow up ~

We monitor the developments made so that we can identify its use and proper functioning. Also, we make improvements and we propose extensions to enhance your activity.

~ follow up ~

We maintain the applications in terms of: bug fixes and security backups. We do the restoration in case of identifying a problem.

~ software development ~

We make evolutionary developments to incorporate small improvements in the systems. If you accept these new extensions, they will go through the first detailed points of analysis, design and implementation.

~ marketing ~

We publish the application so that it is accessible to the target audience. For this, services based on web systems or proprietary systems internal to the activity may be used privately.

~ marketing ~

We advertise directly to the target audience, mostly via internet and search engines. Also, we carry out physical advertising prior to acceptance of designs.

Still, contact us and let's talk about what your problem is and how We could solve it. We will be happy to provide a quick, simple and efficient solution. Go to contact

52MiniApp Projects...

We are making some differents projects about IT and other useful tools.

We are applying the concept: less is more.

IP Project: A new concept about IP identification.

SEPA Validator: A new xml file checker.

We are doing more and more mini apps to solve daily small issues.


We are at your disposal and you can contact us by email. We will answer you as soon as possible and We will tell you about your questions. You can send us an email to the following mailbox: hello (at) 52miniapp.com

* We will not do any type of advertising or sending of unwanted emails.


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