52MiniApp: IP Project

A new concept about IP identification.

IP Project

We are creating a new system to get the IP from a visit.

We are making a new API resource to get the data.


IP Project

We are working with:

~ software development ~

We do a dynamic code to obtain the information on the server side.

~ software development ~

We make a simple template that it allows see the project information.

~ software development ~

We make a sheet with the basic elements to print the information.

~ software development ~

We use the dynamic client programming to make some interactive actions.

~ data ~

We use JSON to print information by default.


We are at your disposal and you can contact us by email. We will answer you as soon as possible and We will tell you about your questions. You can send us an email to the following mailbox: hello (at) 52miniapp.com

* We will not do any type of advertising or sending of unwanted emails.


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